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Do I Need a Business License to Be Self-Employed in California?

Starting your journey to self-employment can be both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you have a passionate idea or are seeking some extra income, California regulations…

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Can You Defend Your Business in California?

If you have a business in California, you have likely worked tirelessly to build your business and reputation and want to ensure the safety of…

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How Do I Prepare for Business Litigation?

You can prepare for business litigation by hiring an experienced lawyer, among other steps. Whether you’re being precautious or business litigation is imminent, preparing for…

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What Is the Meaning of Business Litigation?

You may be considering starting your own business or have recently started a company. If you’re in this position, you may be wondering what the…

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Senate Bill 793: Everything You Need to Know

Music is a key part of any culture. Although music changes and grows as society does, listening to live music is a beloved pastime for…

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Why is Intellectual Property Law Important?

“Intellectual property law” is the body of law that protects creative works and inventions. These laws give creators exclusive rights to their work, which means…

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What are Examples of Intellectual Property?

If you have developed something that you are proud of, then it is entirely understandable that you would want to share your creation with others.…

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How do You Respond to an Office Action?

Trademark applications are an important but daunting legal task meant to safeguard your intellectual property and maximize your ability to monetize without fear of being…

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How Do You Find Out Who Opposed a Trademark?

Trademarking intellectual property is an extremely complex area of law. Under the best of circumstances, having a trademark registered is time-consuming and steeped in legal…

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What Does it Mean When a Trademark is Cancelled?

With trademark laws being expansive and complicated, managing it all on your own can be next to impossible. If you’re currently facing an issue regarding…

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