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Orange County Business Litigation Lawyer

Orange County Business Law Lawyer
Orange County Business Litigation Lawyer

Business in the modern world is incredibly complex. Many industries have evolved tremendously in the digital age. In fact, new companies are created every day throughout the United States. While there are plenty of lucrative opportunities for business-minded individuals today, the legal procedures of the business world are understandably complex. New laws arise, causing the legal side of the modern business landscape to seem like it’s constantly evolving.

When you wish to start a new business, or if you already own and operate a business and have encountered some type of legal issue, you need dependable and skilled legal representation from an Orange County business litigation attorney who understands your organization, your goals, and your legal needs. Many of the legal matters that arise within the modern business world in California involve business formations, large sums of money, intellectual property, and civil claims that can escalate into very expensive and complex legal battles with many different stakeholders.


The business and civil litigation process can be costly and time-consuming. Blake & Ayaz provides experienced California attorneys to handle litigation issues, including appeals, for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

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Our attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience helping out businesses and individuals.

Blake & Ayaz services clients in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, and throughout California.


An alternate option to trial is for the parties to seek alternative dispute resolutions, such as arbitration or mediation, outside of court. Arbitration is similar to the court process and results in a binding or non-binding agreement arranged by an arbiter. Mediation is a negotiation between the opposing parties with the help of an impartial mediator to achieve a resolution or settlement.

To avoid the cost of a trial, pursuing one of these options can be beneficial for both parties. At Blake & Ayaz, the California lawyers are well equipped to handle arbitration and mediation and can walk you through the process.

Common types of litigation:

  • Business contract disputes. Contracts are some of the most important documents in the modern business world. Contracts may exist between business partners as well as between businesses and their customers, vendors, distributors, and service providers. When there is any disagreement about the legitimacy of a contract or a contractual party’s adherence to their contractual obligations, business contract disputes may arise. Our team can assist with all aspects of business contracts, from the drafting and refinement of new contracts to contract analysis for dispute resolution and more.
  • Collection cases. Maintaining cash flow for your business is essential for maintaining your market competitiveness. When you have unpaid invoices from customers, partners, or vendors, your California business litigation attorney can assist in the collection of the funds you are legally owed.
  • Real estate litigation. Business litigation often involves complex real estate-related issues. Our team can help you navigate real estate litigation with greater confidence for issues such as easements, covenants, nondisclosure disputes, construction disputes, and any other legal issue related to your commercial properties.
  • Class actions. When multiple parties all share the same type of claim against a business entity, they may band together into a class-action lawsuit against the company. No matter what type of involvement you or your business might have in a class-action lawsuit, our team can help guide you through these often-complex legal proceedings.
  • Civil litigation. Sometimes business litigation will give rise to civil claims for damages. In the event a business issue evolves into any type of civil litigation, your California business lawyer will be an invaluable asset who can either minimize your liability for damages or maximize your recovery.
  • Labor and employment matters. California upholds very strict labor laws at the state level and various regulations to which business owners must adhere, and there are also various federal statutes that demand businesses’ compliance. If you have encountered any type of labor or employment dispute, your California business litigation lawyer can help you navigate the rules and regulations of any government agencies involved in the matter and also facilitate negotiations between a business’s leadership and employees of the business with labor or employment-related disputes.
  • Corporate, partnership and joint ventures disputes. Business owners may not always agree about the direction to take their organization. If you encounter any kind of dispute with your business partners, corporate board, or joint venture stakeholders, you will need legal counsel from an experienced California business litigation attorney.
  • Tort matters. A tort is any wrongful act committed intentionally. If some other party willfully damaged your business in any way or attempted to do so, you may have grounds for legal action for this incident as a tort matter.
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty. If a member of your organization or another entity held a fiduciary duty or corporate governance responsibility of any kind to your company and failed to uphold and execute it in good faith in any way that damaged your business, this matter could easily lead to intense litigation with substantial sums of money on the line. Our firm can help you resolve the issue and expose breached fiduciary duties.
  • Intellectual property disputes. Did another party misuse your trademark in a damaging way, or attempt to profit off of your brand’s name without your consent? Did an employee illegally divulge trade secrets to your competitor? These are just a few examples of intellectual property disputes that may disrupt your operations and lead to extensive litigation.

These are some of the most common business litigation issues our firm handles on a routine basis. We understand that every company is different, and every business leader has different values and goals. Our team’s goal is to help you handle litigation as quickly and effectively as possible to minimize your legal expenses and ensure the secure future of your organization.


It’s vital to understand that any kind of legal issue your business faces is ultimately a threat to your business’s continued operation and profitability. Whether you have a labor dispute with your employees, a contract issue with a partnered company or vendor, or a disagreement with your founding business partner, the longer the issue persists, the more costly it will be for you and your business. Think of your choice to hire a California business litigation lawyer as a business investment that aims to ensure your organization’s future growth and profitability.

Working with a competent, experienced, and reliable California business litigation attorney is the best way to protect your company’s interests during any kind of legal dispute. You may not even have the option to attempt to handle such matters without legal representation. For example, many of the regulatory bodies operating at the state and federal levels require business owners to have legal counsel when handling certain matters, but even if you don’t technically need legal counsel, it is always better to have it when the future of your business is on the line.

As your California business litigation attorneys, Blake & Ayaz will get to know your company and thoroughly investigate the details of your current legal situation. While some business disputes may settle at the negotiating table, this isn’t always an option. When you face serious litigation and a protracted court battle to protect your business’s future, you need a California business litigation attorney who you can rely on every step of the way.


Even before the initiation of a lawsuit, the pre-litigation phase attempts to resolve the issue. While neither party is required to participate in this step, the negotiations can help avoid the cost of litigation. If litigation commences, the plaintiff files a claim that details the allegations and demands some form of relief, and the defendant will then file an answer or a cross-complaint. The discovery phase then follows, where both parties gather facts, ask each other questions under oath and schedule depositions of witnesses.

Throughout this phase, either party may present motions asking the judge to give certain orders, such as to have the case dismissed or to decide the case out of court based on the evidence. If the case goes to trial, each party delivers arguments; the judge then decides factual questions and reaches a settlement. As California litigation attorneys, they can answer your questions, evaluate your options and guide you through each step of the process.

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