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California Senate Bill 793 and Alcohol Beverage

California Senate Bill 793 and Alcohol Beverage


Until the beginning of 2023, music values in the California area were at a disadvantage when it came to liquor licenses. Many liquor laws required the presence of food at venues that served alcohol. Although this is a fine standard for bars and restaurants, music venues often struggled to create and support a food program within their facilities.

Senate Bill 793 (SB793) aims to change licensing in a way that will benefit music and entertainment venues. If you own or manage a live music facility, it is important to understand these changes so you can implement them legally. With the help of a qualified business law attorney from Blake & Ayaz, you can navigate new liquor laws and make empowered and strategic decisions for your business.

Our attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience helping out businesses and individuals.

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With over 60 years of combined legal experience, our team has a rich history in the legal sector. During our time in business, we have helped countless clients and businesses navigate the difficult alcohol and liquor laws in California. We understand how intimidating and complicated these regulations seem to the untrained eye. This is why we offer expert legal advice to help you understand and implement any laws that pertain to your business.

Few other business law firms in the California area can handle alcohol beverage compliance cases. This is a niche area of the law that many firms overlook. Our team, on the other hand, has made it our mission to become experts in this area. We are the area’s foremost beverage compliance attorneys, and we have the best experience and resources to help you through your claim.

No matter what your situation may be, our team at Blake & Ayaz is here to help you with your alcohol beverage compliance question, concern, or legal claim.


As of January 1, 2023, Senate Bill 793 is in effect in California. This bill introduced a new category of alcoholic beverage license that is specifically aimed at helping music venues and clubs serve alcohol to their patrons.

This bill amends California Business and Professions Code section 23320 to allow music venues with a type 90 license to serve alcoholic beverages to adult patrons without the necessity of a kitchen or food options. Alcohol can be served beginning two hours before a live performance and continuing for one hour after the performance has ended.

The lack of requirement for food and kitchen facilities will be helpful to music venues that do not have a kitchen nor the time, budget, or demand to create one. Under this new amendment, music venues may sell alcohol to adults without these facilities.


A business has a “music entertainment facility” if they have either an auditorium, concert hall, enclosed arena, or similar live performance venue. This facility can be either publicly or privately owned. This law stresses that the facility may be used for purposes other than music and entertainment. Shows do not need to be the facility’s only function.

This new bill is applicable only to businesses with a “music venue license,” generally a Type 90 license. The bill outlines the requirements for a venue to qualify to benefit from the changes in SB793. To be considered a “music entertainment facility,” the venue must have:

  • Defined and separate spaces for performances and audiences
  • A public address (PA) system
  • A lighting rig
  • Mixing equipment

To qualify, the venue must employ at least one person in at least two of the following positions:

  • Booker
  • Promoter
  • Box office manager
  • Stage manager
  • Sound engineer
  • Security

The law also requires that the venue have some sort of marketing for live events. This can be done electronically or in print.


Although this bill significantly helps music venues, it is important to remember that there are still strict laws surrounding offering alcohol to the public. First and foremost, venues cannot serve alcohol to individuals under the age of 21. The best way to ensure this is by checking identification for those purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Any alcoholic beverages that you serve must remain on the premises. It is the burden of the facility to ensure that beverages do not exit the premises.

Finally, you cannot sell alcohol between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Alcohol may also not be served at all times, but only for two hours before a live performance until one hour after the live performance ends.


If you are a music venue owner or manager, it is essential that you follow all rules and regulations that apply to you. Alcohol laws are especially strict, and following them incorrectly can lead to expensive fines, litigation, and even bankruptcy. For the health of your business and the security of your staff, it is important that you know your legal obligations surrounding alcohol sales. The best way to do this is with a qualified attorney.

We can help you navigate the changing laws and standards and ensure that you understand what is expected of you. The law does not accept ignorance or misunderstanding as an excuse. It is your job to understand the rules and follow them. Hiring an attorney ensures that you have the correct information, apply it properly to your unique situation, and have resources available if something should happen.

When you use an alcoholic beverage compliance attorney, you always have someone on hand if you encounter an incident, are accused of violating the law, or if there are any additional changes to the legal standard.


Our firm is the foremost alcoholic beverage compliance firm in California. We have been serving our community for many years, and we have significant experience to support you and your business whenever there are any updates to the law. You can trust our firm with your livelihood, as we are passionate about serving local businesses, music venues, and event centers.

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