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Partnership Disputes Lawyer

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Partnership Disputes Lawyer

Santa Ana California Partnership Disputes

Disputes between business partners can destroy a business. Partnership disputes can include disputes over business decisions, economic pressures resulting from one partner’s personal issues, cash flow shortages or even the immediate prospect of substantial business success.

If you are experiencing the unfortunate circumstance of a serious dispute with your business partner, it may begin to affect the operations of the business. You need to immediately implement measures to safeguard and secure the business interests that you have worked so hard to create.

Types of Partnership Disputes

Partnership disagreements can occur due to financial disagreements, declining revenue, poorly prepared initial partnership agreements, new partners incorporated into the business, conflicts in vision or direction for the business, corporate governance issues, succession issues and many other factors.

Partnership disputes can quickly result in catastrophic profit losses or the complete collapse of a business. Careful planning can attempt to avoid these issues, however, in some cases partnership disputes become unavoidable. Some of the types of partnership disputes that our experienced attorneys handle include the following:

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty, such as a breach of contract, fraud, misuse of partnership funds, or misappropriation of partnership funds
  • Partnership dissolution matters, including complete dissolution, the reworking of partnership agreements to change ownership interests, or discretionary control by partners
  • Partnership agreement disputes
  • Removal of a partner from the business partnership completely


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