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California Alcohol Permit Lawyer

California Alcohol Beverage Compliance
California Alcohol Permit Lawyer


Virtually every business in operation in the United States must meet specific licensing and permit requirements to continue operations. This is especially true of businesses operating in the alcoholic beverage sales industry. If you run a winery, distillery, brewery, or alcohol retail establishment in California, you must have your permits and licensing in order to avoid potentially heavy fines or even forced closure of your business for violation of California liquor laws. If you want to run your business with peace of mind and do not want to encounter preventable permit and licensing issues, you need legal counsel from the team at Blake & Ayaz.

Our team understands the unique challenges facing companies operating in California’s alcoholic beverage sales market. Attempting to navigate the legal processes of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and other regulating bodies at the federal and state levels can be incredibly challenging without experienced legal guidance on your side, and we can provide that guidance so you can continue running your business with confidence.


It’s not only necessary to apply for and obtain a permit for your alcoholic beverage business in California, but it is also necessary to obtain the correct type of permit for the business you run and the products you sell. For example, there are different rules for wineries and breweries than there are for bars and liquor stores. An experienced California alcohol permit lawyer can help you determine exactly what kind of permits and licenses you need to continue operating without interruptions or unexpected legal matters suddenly appearing.

Your business will likely need to navigate a permit and licensing process at both the federal and state level. The TTB manages approval of labels and formulas for alcoholic beverage products of all kinds, and you may need to interact with this agency in many capacities over the course of running your business. While it may be possible to navigate TTB processes and obtain state-level licensing and permits for your business on your own, this can be incredibly challenging while you are already trying to run your business day to day. Instead of shouldering this responsibility and risking avoidable delays, have your California alcohol permit lawyer obtain the clearances you need to continue operating with confidence.

Our attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience helping out businesses and individuals.

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The attorneys at Blake & Ayaz have more than 60 combined years of experience handling complex commercial litigation for business owners across all markets in California. We know that businesses involved in consumer sales of alcohol have unique challenges when it comes to obtaining the permits and licenses they need to operate. We also know the unpredictable variables that can easily arise without warning to complicate the permit application and approval process.

When you choose Blake & Ayaz as your California alcohol permit attorneys, you are investing in security for your business. We will ensure all your permit and licensing applications are accurate, complete, and streamlined for approval. We know how to navigate the TTB’s processes and how to navigate the processes of other regulatory bodies. Our legal services can ensure your business can operate unimpeded by procedural or regulatory problems.


Blake & Ayaz have experience assisting clients with federal licensing matters and interacting with the TTB, the regulating authority responsible for the alcohol sales industry. We can help our clients obtain various licenses and permits as needed, including:

  • Federal import licenses, which are essential if you intend to import spirits and liquors from overseas manufacturers.
  • Permits for Distilled Spirit Plant (DSP) beverages. The manufacturing of some alcoholic beverages requires the careful use of DSP ingredients, most of which are heavily monitored.
  • Wholesale licensing. Some alcoholic beverage manufacturers create and sell their own products while others sell at the wholesale level to other distributors and retailers.
  • Brewer licensing. If you intend to craft your own beer products, you must obtain appropriate brewery licensing.
  • Retail licensing. It’s often necessary to secure a permit to produce your wares and then secure a different permit to legally sell them. We can assist you in obtaining retail licensing so you can earn profits from product sales legally.

These are only a few of the permit and licensing processes with which our firm can assist you. We understand that these processes are typically confusing and hard to manage when you are already trying to run a business, so allow our team of California alcohol permit attorneys to handle your legal matters so you can focus on your business.


The TTB offers an online permit and licensing application system, Permits Online, which allows alcohol beverage manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to obtain their necessary permits digitally. It is also possible to complete a paper application. Your California alcohol permit lawyer can determine which permits and licensing your business needs and assist you in drafting the necessary application paperwork. Legal guidance during this phase can ensure you do not make any avoidable errors that might delay the processing of your applications.

Blake & Ayaz has extensive experience dealing with the California Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), the TTB, and various other regulatory agencies in the US. We can assist with all forms of permit and license applications so you can run your business efficiently with peace of mind.


There is no need to risk delays and fines for your business. When you need to complete any type of permit or liquor license application for your brand at the federal and/or state level, Blake & Ayaz can provide the legal guidance you need to handle the situation with greater confidence. Our goal is to empower your business and obtain the legal protections and approvals you need to keep growing your business. As your California alcohol permit lawyers, we will do everything we can to streamline all required permit and licensing applications for your business.

Contact Blake & Ayaz today to schedule a free case review from our team. We will help you determine which permits and licenses your business needs and assist you in obtaining them as swiftly as possible.


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