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California Alcohol Beverage Compliance

California Alcohol Beverage Compliance

Blake & Ayaz offers knowledgeable services for alcohol beverage compliance legal matters. Understanding ABC laws and the particular state and federal licensing and enforcement requirements for your business can be challenging and tedious, so it is important to get advice and assistance from knowledgeable Los Angeles ABC licensing lawyers.

State requirements to take into consideration include:

  • Beer and wine licenses
  • Regulations for special events
  • Off-sale and on-sale liquor
  • Special events
  • Private clubs
  • All licensing and discipline matters

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Our attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience helping out businesses and individuals.

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Every state has unique alcohol control laws, and California is no exception. These laws exist to ensure the sale of alcoholic beverages happens under legal and controlled circumstances to prevent alcohol from getting into the hands of minors and to preserve public safety. Any business in California that wishes to serve or sell alcoholic beverages must meet the criteria set forth by the California ABC and maintain compliance with these guidelines.

As your alcohol beverage compliance lawyer in California, Blake & Ayaz can provide experienced and comprehensive legal counsel to guide you through some of the more complex matters you must face to preserve your business, prevent fines and other legal penalties, limit your business’s liability for civil claims, and continue to operate legitimately.

If you are just starting a business, the attorneys at Blake & Ayaz can help you obtain your California liquor license. The process for obtaining your license is multifaceted and somewhat complex. An alcohol beverage compliance attorney in California is a great asset to have at your side as you navigate the process. Once you obtain your license, your alcohol beverage compliance lawyer in California will help ensure your operation remains in full compliance with the applicable liquor laws as they pertain to your operation, ultimately helping you keep your business functional, profitable, and legal.


California’s liquor laws are quite strict. It can be very challenging for a business to maintain its eligibility to hold a liquor license in the Golden State after any kind of violation. However, an alcohol beverage compliance attorney in California with extensive experience in this branch of the law can provide the legal counsel you need to overcome the effects of a violation and maintain your license so your business can continue unimpeded.

It is also possible for your California ABC license to be in jeopardy after committing any kind of crime unrelated to your license. In such an event, your alcohol beverage compliance lawyer in California – someone with extensive knowledge of the state’s ABC laws – can guide you through your legal proceedings and minimize the impact the case could have on your licensed business.


In some cases, a business owner with a California liquor license may transfer ownership of their business to a new owner, and the ABC license will go along with the transfer. In California, this is known as a person-to-person ABC license transfer. It is not uncommon for the ABC to issue new conditions attached to an ABC liquor license when these transfers occur. However, such conditions may impede the business goals of the new owner.

Having an experienced alcohol beverage compliance attorney in California on your side is a great way to overcome new conditions imposed on your ABC license when you receive the license through a person-to-person transfer and take control over a business. While you cannot appeal any conditions that already existed on an ABC license prior to the person-to-person transfer, it is possible to file an appeal with the ABC Board of Decisions concerning new conditions placed on the ABC license at the time of transfer.

Handling conditions on your ABC licenses at the time of transfer is just one way an experienced alcohol beverage compliance attorney in California can assist you before the ABC Board of Decisions. Depending on the direction you wish to take your business, you may want to eventually modify your ABC license to allow for greater flexibility in your operations. A few examples of how your alcohol beverage compliance lawyer in California can help you modify your ABC license include:

  • Allowing your business to add new inventory, such as stocking a new line of craft beer or a type of beverage that your current license does not allow.
  • Changing your business hours. Currently, ABC license laws restrict hours of operation for certain ABC license-holding businesses. Your alcohol beverage compliance attorney in California can assist you in modifying your license so you can open earlier, stay open later, or operate during specific holidays.
  • Allowing your business to expand inventory, such as offering customers additional sizes of beverage containers.
  • Allowing your business to offer entertainment and other services to your customers.

ABC license modification is a difficult process unless you have an experienced alcohol beverage compliance attorney in California with in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding such modifications. Your attorney can advocate on behalf of your business before the ABC Board of Decisions and increase the chances of securing the modifications to your ABC license that you need to grow your business.


Many businesses throughout Los Angeles would need to cease operations when faced with an ABC license suspension or revocation. It’s possible for a business owner to lose their ABC license or face an ABC license suspension when charged with a crime of moral turpitude. In these situations, entering a guilty plea would result in losing your ABC license, and it will be incredibly difficult to get it back.

If you find yourself in any kind of situation like this and your business’s ABC license is on the line, it’s imperative to seek legal counsel from an experienced alcohol beverage compliance lawyer in California as soon as possible. As your legal representatives, the team at Blake & Ayaz can provide you with valuable insights into your situation and help you reach the best possible result, such as a conditional revocation or temporary suspension that will allow you to maintain your business.


Our experienced attorneys who practice law throughout the State of California are well-known for handling ABC matters and have helped many clients understand and make the necessary changes to their businesses to accommodate state and federal regulations. Because the ABC administration employs peace officers, including local law enforcement, investigators and sheriff’s deputies who enforce the penal provisions of the act, it is important to have a lawyer who is experienced in these types of investigations as it will protect your business from potential harassment by local police and ABC investigators. The attorneys know and can easily recognize potential problems within your business. If you are concerned about potential liability, both criminal and civil, then you should protect your business by hiring the unmatched attorneys at Blake & Ayaz.

At Blake & Ayaz, we understand the law, and we know that for many of our clients, having an ABC license is the key to maintaining a successful business. At Blake & Ayaz, we work hard to ensure your business meets the requirements to obtain and maintain an ABC license.


Whether you own a small, medium, or large business or corporation, our beverage compliance lawyers are licensed to practice law throughout the state of California, are experienced in all aspects of administrative law and are well equipped to walk you through the complicated process.

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