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How Our Business Formation Lawyers Can Help

Orange County Business Law Lawyer
How Our Business Formation Lawyers Can Help

A new business must consider that the correct formation of a business entity will protect them from future wrongdoing or errors. A properly formed business will also protect the founders and shareholders financially and establish access to valuable tools and programs. The type of business formed can impact many aspects of your operation, from securing financing to recruiting the right employees and clients. Thus, proper legal guidance is necessary. Starting a new business is more than filing a few forms with federal, state, or county agencies. An attorney must have extensive knowledge of the business landscape and forethought to anticipate possible litigation. The lawyers at Blake & Ayaz will protect you and your business.

With 60 years of combined experience, Blake & Ayaz offers legal services to clients starting up businesses in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, and throughout California. Whether you’re exploring how to make your idea come to life, expanding your current business model, or purchasing an existing operation, we can help you do it safely and correctly. Contact us at 714-667-7171 to schedule a consultation today for experienced legal services.


Creating an official business is a crucial aspect of the process. Here are a few reasons why you should form a business.

  • Liability. Forming the right type of business protects you, your family, your business partners, and your personal assets. A private individual operating as a business puts their financial stability at great risk if their business should become overwhelmed by debts or lawsuits. Establishing a proper business entity reduces this risk by shifting liability onto the corporation and away from individuals.
  • Respectability. Establishing a proper business adds legitimacy to your operation, which helps to attract high-profile customers and quality employees. Many larger companies have a corporate policy that forbids them from subcontracting with vendors who are not legally established businesses.
  • Flexibility. Legally established business entities are able to leverage government contracts, grant programs, special tax statuses, business discounts, and commercial lease programs that private individuals don’t have access to.
Our attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience helping out businesses and individuals.

Blake & Ayaz services clients in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, and throughout California.


The lawyers at Blake & Ayaz provide skilled legal services throughout California, helping clients wanting to start a business. Filing for a corporation can fall under many different headings, including professional corporation, general stock corporation, nonprofit religious corporation, nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, close corporation, common interest development association, and nonprofit public benefit corporation. Registering your business and completing all the necessary requirements can be overwhelming, but our Los Angeles business formation attorneys at Blake & Ayaz can assist you in filing the correct documents and maintaining them thereafter. When you’re ready to take the next step and turn your one-of-a-kind business idea into a real company, call Blake & Ayaz at 714-667-7171 to arrange a consultation.

Common types of business formations our attorneys can assist with include:

  • Corporations: file various Articles of Incorporation
  • Limited liability company: file Articles of Organization
  • General partnership: file a Statement of Partnership Authority
  • Limited partnership: file a Certificate of Limited Partnership
  • Limited liability partnership: file an Application to Register a Limited Liability Partnership
  • Corporate mergers and acquisition


Your business idea will determine which sort of corporate structure is most appropriate for your organization, and in turn, which paperwork you need to file. The qualified business law team at Blake & Ayaz can help you make this decision and understand your options.

  • Limited Liability Company. LLCs are often small businesses or startups. Formation of an LLC protects a businessperson’s personal assets, shielding them from personal responsibility for repaying business debts. LLCs are currently the most popular type of business entity to establish.
  • Limited Partnership. A Limited Partnership is similar to a Limited Liability Company in a lot of ways, but where an LLC can be formed with only one owner, an LP must be established by no fewer than two partners. The other people involved in your business plan and how you want to share responsibility will determine whether an LP or LLC is right for you.
  • C Corporation. Formation of a C Corporation also protects entrepreneurs and their assets from personal liability. A C Corporation should be formed if your business plan involves many shareholders and one day trading your company publicly.
  • S Corporation. An S Corporation is a type of corporate structure that puts a cap on the maximum number of shareholders. An S Corporation is only taxed once through the company itself, while a C Corporation is “double taxed,” meaning the shareholders pay taxes in addition to the corporation.
  • Nonprofit. There are various types of nonprofits that can be formed to organize charitable projects of all sorts. The formation of a nonprofit organization protects the founder’s personal assets similar to the formation of other business types, but nonprofits have tax-free status and access to various state and federal grant programs.
  • Sole Proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is the easiest sort of business to form. This method is appropriate when a single businessperson wants to legally establish themselves as a business entity.


Understanding of corporate law is the key to successfully set up your corporation, limited partnership, and limited liability company. At Blake & Ayaz, our attorneys are detail-oriented and ensure that your corporate setup includes all the necessary information you need to set up your business structure. Whether you are forming a small business or large corporation, Blake & Ayaz can make sure you understand and meet the regulations.

For qualified lawyers to assist you with forming a business, contact us today at 714-667-7171 to schedule a consultation.


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