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What Is the Meaning of Business Litigation?

F. Michael Ayaz

You may be considering starting your own business or have recently started a company. If you’re in this position, you may be wondering what the meaning of business litigation is. Business litigation is a broad term that encompasses court cases involving the legal resolution of disputes between businesses. If you’re preparing to face business litigation or in need of legal advice, speak with an Orange County business litigation attorney today.

What Is the Meaning of Business Litigation?

Business litigation, or commercial litigation, is a far-reaching and complex area of the law because of how many businesses and types of cases it applies to. It encompasses all legal disputes a company may encounter, which are a common occurrence. Owners and their companies may be either the plaintiff or the defendant during business litigation proceedings.

Of the countless kinds of businesses and related legal issues, numerous types of disputes can emerge regarding any aspect of a company. Potential disputes that can lead to cases of business litigation include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, intellectual property, class action claims, and more.

Issues can arise between a business and a client, the state and federal government, and other enterprises and business associates, as well as internal parties such as partners, shareholders, and employees.

The Business Litigation Process

Sometimes, before a complaint is filed with the court, conflicting parties may opt to participate in negotiations during the pre-litigation phase to resolve the issue and save on legal costs. If the business litigation proceeds, the disgruntled party will file a claim detailing the alleged legal faults and their economic losses as a result of those issues. Additionally, they will demand some form of recompense.

After a grievance or dispute has been officially filed and the accused party files their response, the case has begun and enters into the discovery phase. During this time, each party will seek out and collect any evidence that applies to the matter at hand. As both sides start organizing their strategy and arguments, they may request evidence the opposing party has discovered. All parties are required to respond to these request motions, or they may face penalties against their case.

As more discovery is conducted and new evidence is unearthed, along with the other party’s findings, the general outcome of the case starts to form and become somewhat clear. This pre-trial phase is an opportunity for the involved parties to resolve the dispute and avoid continuing the process in court. It is optional, but many business law cases reach a settlement at this time, with the parties discussing financial specifics rather than demanding litigation.

How a Business Litigation Attorney Can Help Your Company

Not all business disputes necessitate the assistance of a lawyer. However, when your investments and livelihood, in addition to everyone and everything else tied up in your enterprise, are at stake, it’s never a mistake to be especially cautious during legal matters. Business litigation is a notoriously complicated and time-consuming process. Due to the nature of businesses, which are often large and layered, there are several moving parts and involved parties.

Attorneys who are experienced and learned in business law and litigation are there to help you through the technicalities of the law, protecting your rights and business interests. A business litigation lawyer knows the standards of procedure and the relevant rules for the specific type of dispute case you’re dealing with.

These lawyers are specifically trained in this area of law and know exactly what documents are and are not required. They help manage deadlines and can appropriately file paperwork on your behalf. Business law attorneys can also anticipate and navigate potential errors or predicaments the circumstances may yield.


Q: What Is the Definition of Business Litigation?

A: The definition of business litigation is legal disputes occurring within and during the line of business. Business litigation is a widely encompassing area of the law, and it falls under civil litigation. Examples of issues that can be found in a business litigation case are partnership disputes and adhering to state or federal regulations. This broad legal category includes commercial litigation, real estate litigation, and many more subcategories.

Q: What Is General Business Litigation?

A: General business law, or general business litigation, refers to the mandated state laws concerning the regulation of businesses. Business law statutes entail restrictions on environmental regulations, deceptive or unethical business practices, employment law, and more.

Many general business litigation cases are also, more specifically, commercial litigation matters, as they involve disputes between the business and an outside, non-governmental party such as customers or a business associate.

Q: What Is the Difference Between Business and Commercial Litigation?

A: The difference between business litigation and commercial litigation is that business litigation deals with the business itself, while commercial litigation extends to a business’ clients. Business litigation focuses on legal issues within the business structure, such as employment law or shareholder disputes. Commercial litigation encompasses a business’s services or relationships with clients or other companies, such as contract disputes or disputes over the sale of goods.

Both business litigation and commercial litigation are types of civil litigation involving one or more businesses.

Q: How Do I Prepare for Business Litigation?

A: To prepare for business litigation, ensure your business insurance covers a wide range of potential issues that can occur within your line of work, and hire a business litigation lawyer. They can help you manage and organize everything relating to the case, such as evidence documents, deadlines, general advice, and more. Also, it’s advisable to avoid unnecessary communication with the opposing party unless your attorney is present or approves it; your words can be used against you in court.

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