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Business Formation
Your Partnership Deserves a Written Agreement

Don’t set up business with a partner, even if you also consider them a friend, without a written partnership agreement. This is a step that…

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What to Know About Operating an LLC

California law generally allows individuals to form limited liability companies, or LLCs. An LLC can be taxed as a partnership, a corporation or a disregarded…

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The Different Ways to Structure a Business

Those who want to start a business in California will need to consider how to structure their companies. A company is deemed to be a…

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Potential Liability is a Consideration in Business Formation

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in California with many new businesses cropping up every day. Some are large, well-planned and well-funded operations that are years…

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What Licenses Do You Need to Start a Food Truck?

If you are a California entrepreneur interested in starting a restaurant, you may want to consider operating a food truck. This alternative to a traditional…

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What Do You Need to Start a Restaurant in California?

If you want to open a restaurant in California, there are many decisions and steps you need to take to ensure you do things properly.…

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