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Overcoming Obstacles to a California Liquor License

F. Michael Ayaz

Restaurants, bars and other California businesses know that obtaining and maintaining their liquor licenses are critical to the success of their enterprises. There is a range of city, state and federal laws that can affect liquor license eligibility, and understanding these regulations can help companies have an easier time navigating the rules. In some cases, they may want to buy or transfer an existing license from another firm. If you want to obtain or protect a California liquor license, it can be important to stay up to date on changes to state law on cabaret licenses, entertainment permits and liquor sales.

Under California law, the state retains an exclusive authority to regulate the manufacturing, sales, transportation and purchase of alcoholic drinks. This means a wide range of companies, from delivery firms and golf courses to restaurants, may need to be concerned about how these regulations affect their ability to offer alcohol to patrons. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Act lays out specific provisions that address businesses’ ability to obtain the required permits. The experienced lawyers at Blake and Ayaz have represented numerous bars, liquor stores, gas stations, clubs and wholesalers to help them successfully secure the permits that they need.

You may face obstacles in your pursuit of a liquor license. Cities may try to enforce other regulations to prevent your company from selling alcohol. The state may cite public morals or health and safety clauses to deny your liquor license application.

Our skilled liquor license attorneys have encountered and prevailed over a wide range of problems and obstacles preventing California companies from selling alcohol. We can aggressively challenge restrictive and unreasonable conditions preventing you from pursuing your business. If you want to learn more about seeking a liquor license in California, you can visit our Alcohol Beverage Compliance blog for more details.

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