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Los Angeles Land Use Variance Attorney and Zoning Variance Lawyer

Los Angeles Land Use Variance Attorney and Zoning Variance Lawyer

Los Angeles Land Use Variance Lawyer and Zoning Variance Attorney

A land variance allows an exception to be made to current zoning requirements. These requests can be made by businesses for many different reasons, but submitting a request without a zoning variance lawyer by your side can be challenging. You may be unable to secure a land variance approval on your own, as the legalities surrounding zoning are complex. If you are considering a land variance, talk with an experienced Los Angeles land use variance attorney.

When you need to make a change to your property that goes against established zoning requirements, you need a firm with skills and knowledge of local ordinances. Blake & Ayaz possess more than six decades of legal experience, and we put that experience to use for individuals, businesses, and corporations for various land use entitlement issues, including variances. We offer powerful representation with proven results.

Our attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience helping out businesses and individuals.

Blake & Ayaz services clients in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, and throughout California.

What Is Land Use Variance?

A land use variance allows you to make changes to your property that are otherwise restricted by zoning requirements. For example, if you want to renovate your home from a single-family home to a multifamily home, you or your contractor would need to check with the city to make sure you are zoned for such changes. If not, you would need to request a land use variance. Businesses may need to ask for a variance if they want to open a commercial business within a residential area or want to expand their physical location.

Because a zoning variance is already an issue counter to stated local ordinances, it’s important to leverage the skills of a zoning lawyer to ensure the most optimal outcome. When requesting zoning variances, it is vital to do this alongside legal representation. Each city or jurisdiction in California uses its own rules for variances, so a Los Angeles zoning variance will look different than one from Santa Ana.

Los Angeles Land Use Variance Attorney and Zoning Variance Lawyer

What Does LAR2 Zoning Mean?

In Los Angeles, LAR2 zoning is a zoning code that implies two-family dwellings. LAR1 would mean it is a zoning area for a single-family home, and LAR3 zoning means there are multiple units. For example, if you wanted to seek approval to remodel your building, but this involves a building in LAR2 zoning, this means you would need land variance approval to change from a two-family dwelling in order to avoid litigation or other disputes.

Understanding Land Variance vs. Rezoning

Some Los Angeles residents may use the terms rezoning and land variance interchangeably, but these are different things from a legal perspective. Land variances request a deviation from zoning specifications and, if approved, allow the owner of the property to use their land without technically violating the zoning ordinance. Variances are usually granted when the property owner shows that the current zoning requirements can lead to difficult or impractical situations.

Other times, rezoning requests are made when a property owner believes that rezoning an area would be beneficial for the environment, community, or local economy. Rezoning, when approved, leads to changes in the zoning requirements of an area, while land variances allow someone to bypass these regulations without making changes or rezoning the land.

What Is the Zoning Law in California?

In Los Angeles, California, if you or your business would like to request a land use variance, you must pay a fee and submit an application detailing why you are seeking the land variance. Your submission will then be reviewed by the local zoning board in your area, and they may contact relevant property owners regarding your application. If your request moves forward, a hearing is set up to determine if the variance is acceptable.

What Do Land Use Variance Lawyers Do?

When drafting your legal documents or advocating for your requested changes in your hearing, a land use or zoning attorney is an invaluable asset. Land use variance attorneys can help you create your application and use their knowledge to ensure your request is as strong as possible. Unfortunately, some people or businesses try to manage a land use variance without the proper knowledge of what is possible in Los Angeles, leading to wasted time and money.

A land use variance attorney offers many services. They include:

  • Documentation crafting and review. If your documents contain mistakes or they don’t contain enough information about your case, the courts may decline your submission. Attorneys review your documents to ensure they are accurate and clearly outline what you’re seeking.
  • Appeals and disputes. If your request for variance was denied, this doesn’t mean you’re out of options. You and your attorney can file an appeal, and if your attorney fights for you at this moment, the odds of having your case approved can increase considerably.
  • Law explanation. Simply put, you may not understand how Los Angeles’ zoning or land use variance laws work. If you’re ever confused about land development, rezoning, or similar laws, you can ask your attorney for guidance and explanations. You may realize the law is more detailed than you realized, which could help you make your case if you understand the regulations in your area.
  • Negotiation. The board may oppose your variance request, but you may be given a chance to compromise or negotiate. Doing this by yourself with little to no knowledge of the law can be complex, but your attorney may know what to say and how to combat certain arguments. If a deal is requested at any time, make sure your attorney knows about it so they can determine if it’s fair.

There are multiple reasons businesses, corporations, or individuals may seek legal assistance when looking to file a land use variance. No matter what land uses you have in mind, you must get approval from the local board, which can be an arduous task. However, land use lawyers may be able to use their skills to advocate for you and potentially increase your odds of approval.

Your Los Angeles Land Use Variance Attorneys

Land use variances could allow your business to explore new possibilities and achieve its goals. However, submitting a request could result in a legal battle further down the line, and you may not feel your application is worth it. However, if you hire a qualified and experienced land use variance attorney to advocate for you, this may streamline your situation.

At Blake & Ayaz, we examine your situation in full so we can determine how to get you the exception you need. Land laws in Los Angeles are known to be confusing, but we’re prepared to help you through the process. Contact us today so we can begin building a defense for you.


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