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A Unique Approach to Hiring Could Optimize Benefits for Everyone

F. Michael Ayaz

When companies in California are looking to hire more employees, they often turn their attention to candidates who fit the mold for the ultimate contributor. While this outlook can provide businesses with qualified employees who are capable of being productive, in some cases this narrow focus can prevent them from recognizing candidates who have a lot to offer.

One company shared their perspective about how they are transitioning their approach for hiring new workers by opening their options to candidates who are often underestimated in a general search for promising employees. A movement created by the company is designed to provide economic opportunities to workers who were traditionally passed over because of a lack of desirable qualifications. This win-win strategy enables the company to access nontraditional talent that provides diversity and unique ideas, as well as ways of thinking, while also allowing individuals a valuable employment opportunity.

The feedback provided by the company highlights just how beneficial this innovative way of undertaking hiring new workers is for their organization. One leader described non-traditional talent as being an “un-tapped” resource with such unique backgrounds that they effectively promote innovation as they disrupt traditional ways of thinking and doing business. The idea that achieving a diversified workforce begins with hiring a variety of qualified workers, may be able to help companies to strategize more effectively in how they create a unique team with a powerful dynamic.

If companies are preparing to hire new workers and want to make sure their strategy does not compromise their company’s productivity, they may wish to speak with an attorney. Legal professionals can help businesses to protect their assets while operating successfully.

Source: Forbes, “Disrupting Traditional Hiring Practices To Create Economic Opportunity,” Carrie Varoquiers, Sept. 17, 2019

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