Understanding Business Law

Running a business can be a complicated operation. There are tons of legal issues to consider when forming, opening and running a business. Many people who are ready to start a business do not know how big of an undertaking it can be. California business law can be complicated, and future and current businesses owners need an experienced lawyer by their side to navigate these laws and regulations.

At Blake & Ayaz, we provide experienced legal services to clients throughout California who own and operate a business or are looking to start one. Our lawyers will work to protect you and your business, ensuring all rules and regulations are followed every step of the way.

Our attorneys have a combined 60 years of experience helping out businesses. Blake & Ayaz services clients in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, and throughout California. Call now at 714-479-8136 to schedule a consultation.

We Are Experienced In All Aspects Of Business Law

Business Formation

Our goal is to help your business get up and running smoothly. Whether you are starting a limited liability corporation, general partnership or corporation, or are going through a merger, our experienced lawyers can help you work out the logistics. Our attorneys will make sure you have the proper paperwork and are following all rules and regulations.


Many businesses have contracts with other people for services. These contracts could be with individual people or other businesses. We can help you craft the contract, make sure all the relevant information is included and help you if someone violates the contract.

Leases are an important part of business. We can help you review leases and any other transaction agreements. Our attorneys also have experience with buy/sell agreements.

Our lawyers have a combined 60 years of experience working with businesses. Our expertise also extends to inside the courtroom. We can assist with business litigation and ensure your business is properly defended in and out of the courtroom.

We Provide Effective & Affordable Legal Aid

Having a strong lawyer by your side can be essential to your business. We offer personalized legal advice to all our clients. For help with your business law needs, call today at 714-479-8136 or send an email to set up a consultation.