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The business and civil litigation process can be costly and time-consuming. Blake & Ayaz provides experienced California attorneys to handle litigation issues, including appeals, for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

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An alternate option to trial is for the parties to seek arbitration or mediation outside of court. Arbitration is similar to the court process and results in a binding or non-binding agreement arranged by an arbiter. Mediation is a negotiation between the opposing parties with the help of an impartial mediator to achieve a resolution or settlement.

To avoid the cost of a trial, pursuing one of these options can be beneficial for both parties. At Blake & Ayaz, the California lawyers are well equipped to handle arbitration and mediation and can walk you through the process.

Common types of litigation:

  • Business contract disputes
  • Collection cases
  • Real estate litigation
  • Class actions
  • Civil litigation
  • Labor and employment matters
  • Corporate, partnership and joint ventures disputes
  • Tort matters

Blake & Ayaz Helps You from Start To Finish

Even before the initiation of a lawsuit, the pre-litigation phase attempts to resolve the issue. While neither party is required to participate in this step, the negotiations can help avoid the cost of litigation. If litigation commences, the plaintiff files a claim that details the allegations and demands some form of relief, and the defendant will then file an answer or a cross-complaint. The discovery phase then follows, where both parties gather facts, ask each other questions under oath and schedule depositions of witnesses.

Throughout this phase, either party may present motions asking the judge to give certain orders, such as to have the case dismissed or to decide the case out of court based on the evidence. If the case goes to trial, each party delivers arguments; the judge then decides factual questions and reaches a settlement. As California litigation attorneys, they can answer your questions, evaluate your options and guide you through each step of the process.

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