Land Use Entitlements

With personal service and experienced lawyers, Blake & Ayaz provides counsel to clients seeking land use entitlements in California. The permit and zoning process is filled with requirements that are often burdensome and intricate regulations, so it is important to get help from a qualified Los Angeles land entitlement attorney to make sure you meet all the requirements.

What Are Discretionary Entitlements Required For?

  • Remodeling an existing building
  • Building a new building
  • Expanding or changing the current use of land
  • Establishing new land use

How Can I Get A Land Use Entitlement?

Obtaining a discretionary land use entitlement is a time-consuming process. The land entitlement lawyers at Blake & Ayaz can help make sure you are meeting the requirements, which can include foundation requirements, asbestos disclosure, retaining wall permit requirements and typical plot plan guidelines.

The attorneys at Blake & Ayaz can also help your business prepare for and schedule a permit inspection as well as determine the development fees. The firm works hard for its clients to ensure the process goes smoothly, and it's well equipped to handle any issues that arise, so you can avoid unnecessary delays.

Dedicated Legal Assistance For Managing Land Use Entitlements

Blake & Ayaz's land use practice will develop a plan to get your business off the ground. It has a tremendous amount of experience, which is used to help its clients in every aspect of its legal matter. The clientele at Blake & Ayaz ranges from top-rated publicly traded companies to regional and local businesses, corporations, partnerships, and individuals.

Whether you are seeking residential or commercial land use entitlements, our Los Angeles lawyers have a thorough understanding of city zoning codes and can work with you to fill out the proper application. The attorneys work promptly to assist the client in obtaining, protecting and modifying land use permits so you can focus on your business.

If you are seeking a land use entitlement for your business or company, contact us today at 714-479-8136 for knowledgeable assistance.