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Having knowledgeable legal advice for your business is critical to avoiding potential grievances regarding labor and employment. The lawyers at Blake & Ayaz offer counsel to business owners to make sure proper protocols are in place to help avoid litigation.

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Legal Consultation For Businesses In California

California employment law regulates various factors about business and labor. These include overtime pay, exempt and nonexempt employees, independent contractors, meal and rest breaks, sexual harassment, calculating work hours and travel time, workers' compensation, drug and alcohol testing, and employee termination. Knowing and abiding by proper regulations can be critical for avoiding expensive litigation. The lawyers at Blake & Ayaz can help you avoid potential pitfalls often associated with employment and labor claims.

Legal consulting services often include:

  • Advice about equal employment opportunities, personnel policies, affirmative action, and state wage and hour requirements
  • Review of employment and hiring policies, employee manuals and handbooks, business plans, and operating procedures
  • Sexual harassment prevention training for managers and supervisors
  • Review of business plans to identify and remedy situations that could result in an employment lawsuit

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By providing these services to their clients, the lawyers at Blake & Ayaz will help them avoid fallout from employment or labor grievance. At Blake & Ayaz, the attorneys can use their training and experience to help make sure your business practices align with state and federal regulations. They are available to answer your questions throughout the process. Navigating the California business and labor codes is often confusing, but with the attorneys from Blake & Ayaz, a business will get the right advice to help it make the necessary adjustments and to ensure it keeps running smoothly.

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