Knowledgeable Assistance For Filing Conditional Use Permits

At Blake & Ayaz, we help clients manage small to large businesses in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange county, and throughout California. Filing Conditional Use Permits (CUPs) can be tedious, and it is important to get attorneys who know the details of the California legal codes to ensure you understand and meet all the requirements.

Issues involved with evaluating CUP requests:

  • Compatibility with surrounding land uses
  • Consistency with the General Plan
  • Project design
  • Potential environmental impacts and mitigation measures
  • Conditions to ensure compatibility
  • Availability of adequate access, public services and facilities to support the development
  • Land suitability and physical constraints

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Assistance Throughout The Entire Process

Most businesses, such as restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities and theaters, are not aware of the legal requirements necessary to open a new business serving alcoholic beverages to their customers. Considerations such as distances to a church and school, parking, and over-concentration all affect whether or not a business gets approved for their requested permit. At Blake & Ayaz, the attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and persistent in each application they process. They ensure that the application for each respective Conditional Use Permit receives the highest level of attention, which results in the approval of the requested permit.

What You Need To Know About CUP

Hiring the offices of Blake & Ayaz is all you need to know when moving forward to the planning and permit phase of operating your business. The firm's diligent staff will guide you through the process in a manner that leaves the business owner feeling confident that they have chosen the right firm. At Blake & Ayaz, client satisfaction is one of the primary goals and concerns. The attorneys at Blake & Ayaz will take the worry out of public hearings and the often extensive and tedious permit processing. Over the course of the last 40 years, Blake & Ayaz has maintained valuable business relationships within the planning department, city attorney's office and the zoning department; it is these relationships that have formed through trust and confidence that a business owner needs to safeguard the processing of his or her application. Blake & Ayaz is confident that it can help your business achieve its goals.

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