Alcohol Beverage Compliance FAQ

There are many state and federal laws that you must comply with when buying and selling alcohol. It can be easy to make mistakes. A knowledgeable attorney is imperative in these cases. The lawyers at Blake & Ayaz understand all the rules and regulations put into place throughout California as well as nationwide. Rick Blake was formerly an ABC investigator for 10 years and can use his experience to help you.

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Below are some common questions as well as solutions. Contact our office in Santa Ana today at 714-479-8136 to set up a consultation.

Q: What is an alcoholic beverage license?

A: An alcoholic beverage license is a permit allowing you to sell alcohol. It may be revoked at any time. ABC can refuse to issue a license to a person who has a criminal record or has violated the terms of their license in the past.

Q: Can I protest the issuance of a license?

A: Yes, any person can protest the issuance of a license. It may take place at any time within 30 days of the first date of posting a notice that the business will sell alcohol, the first date of posting a notice of ownership change or the date of mailing the notice of the application to residents within 500 feet.

Q: If my application is protested, how long until I can open my business?

A: A protested application can take up to 95 days depending on the circumstance. You may petition for a permit in the interim.

Q: Can local law enforcement use minors to buy alcohol?

A: Yes. The decoy must be under 20 years old, appear to be under 21 years old and carry his or her I.D. showing the correct date of birth, or no I.D. at all.

Q: What is the penalty for supplying liquor to a minor?

A: There is a minimum fine of $1,000 as well as 24 hours of community service. You could also face possible jail time.

Q: What is the purpose of ABC?

A: The ABC has the power to license and regulate the manufacture and importation of alcohol. It can also deny, suspend or revoke any license. They are here to enforce all laws and ensure the safety of both sellers and buyers.