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Blake & Ayaz offers knowledgeable services for alcohol beverage compliance legal matters. Understanding ABC laws and the particular state and federal licensing and enforcement requirements for your business can be challenging and tedious, so it is important to get advice and assistance from knowledgeable Los Angeles ABC licensing lawyers.

State requirements to take into consideration include:

  • Beer and wine licenses
  • Regulations for special events
  • Off-sale and on-sale liquor
  • Special events
  • Private clubs
  • All licensing and discipline matters

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In-Depth Knowledge For Complex Issues

Our experienced attorneys who practice law throughout the State of California are well-known for handling ABC matters and have helped many clients understand and make the necessary changes to their businesses to accommodate state and federal regulations. Because the ABC administration employs peace officers, including local law enforcement, investigators and sheriff's deputies who enforce the penal provisions of the act, it is important to have a lawyer who is experienced in these types of investigations as it will protect your business from potential harassment by local police and ABC investigators. The attorneys know and can easily recognize potential problems within your business. If you are concerned about potential liability, both criminal and civil, then you should protect your business by hiring the unmatched attorneys at Blake & Ayaz.

At Blake & Ayaz, we understand the law, and we know that for many of our clients, having an ABC license is the key to maintaining a successful business. At Blake & Ayaz, we work hard to ensure your business meets the requirements to obtain and maintain an ABC license.

Dedicated Attorneys Serving Orange, San Diego, Ventura, And San Bernardino Counties

Rick A. Blake is experienced and is the senior partner at Blake & Ayaz. During Mr. Blake's employment at the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, he gained a tremendous amount of experience serving as an investigator, supervising investigator and later filling the position of a department attorney. Mr. Blake has over 47 years of knowledge of the expectations of ABC, especially when organizations are facing disciplinary actions. In addition, the firm has extensive experience in the hospitality and small business sectors that are unmatched by other law firms.

Whether you own a small, medium, or large business or corporation, our beverage compliance lawyers are licensed to practice law throughout the state of California, are experienced in all aspects of administrative law and are well equipped to walk you through the complicated process.

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