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Our comprehensive range of services include

Business Litigation

The business and civil litigation process can be costly and time-consuming. Blake & Ayaz provides experienced California attorneys to handle litigation issues, including appeals, for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Even before the initiation of a lawsuit, the pre-litigation phase attempts to resolve the issue. While neither party is required to participate in this step, the negotiations can help avoid the cost of litigation.

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Alcohol Beverage Compliance

Blake & Ayaz offers knowledgeable services for alcohol beverage compliance legal matters. Understanding ABC laws and the particular state and federal licensing and enforcement requirements for your business can be challenging and tedious, so it is important to get advice and assistance from knowledgeable Los Angeles ABC licensing lawyers.

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Personal Injury

Having aggressive, knowledgeable and unmatched attorneys is an essential element to obtain compensation after an injury. The lawyers at Blake & Ayaz represent clients in all personal injury matters and assist when necessary, so the clients receive proper medical treatment while also pursuing monetary compensation. We serve clients throughout California.

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Abuse Victim’s Rights

The State of California has very specific and harsh laws regarding child abuse, also known as “corporal injury on a child.” This law makes it a criminal act to impose physical injury or cruel punishment upon a child. It is important to note that child abuse does not necessarily mean only physical acts. Emotional abuse of a child is also considered child abuse in California and harsh penalties apply for those who abuse children either physically or emotionally.

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Trademark & Copyright

In protecting your trademarks and other intellectual property assets turn to the skilled trademark attorneys at Blake and Ayaz. We understand the complexities and nuances that may be involved in safeguarding your intellectual property. When in need of experienced Intellectual property lawyers in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Orange County, and throughout the state of California, we are the firm to call.

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Working with Us Gives You an Edge

The relationships we have built give us an advantage many others don’t have. Because of our connections, we are able to open doors that others may not have access to. We have built a solid reputation with both city and government agencies. They trust us, and so can you. Most importantly, our clients trust us. Many come back to our firm when starting their second or third business venture because they know how we can help. We work with you from beginning to end.

Service is our First priority

We pride ourselves on accessibility and service to our clients. We dedicate ourselves to your needs because we understand that we do not succeed unless you do first. When an urgent matter arises, you can call us anytime.


Our approach provides effective results while minimizing risk.

About Blake & Ayaz

Finding an attorney you can trust during the most challenging time in your life is not an easy task. You need a team with the experience, understanding and knowledge to get you the best possible result. The lawyers at Blake & Ayaz have 60 years of combined experience helping clients throughout California. We have seen many cases and understand that no case is the same. We will listen to all your concerns, provide answers to your questions and give you the attention you deserve. We have experience in many different practice areas, including employment and labor laws to alcohol compliance, personal injury and child abuse cases. Our team has the skills you need, no matter how big or small your case.

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